The Company

Yuval Harary, developer of the Fourever concept since 1975, has been dazzling the international jewelry scene for more than 30 years with original designs and creative new ways of enhancing jewelry sales.

The Fourever Concept conceived by Yuval Harary, combines several special aspect which together contribute to the creation of a superior and outstanding piece of jewelry at a surprisingly affordable price.
Skilled and meticulous craftsmanship is invested in the special cut called the Fourever Concept.
All of the work is carried out at the company factory in Ramat Gan, from the cutting, setting and crafting to the casting and finish. As the concept is based on the invisible setting of identical stones, maximum precision is a necessity. The diamonds’ sizes range between 10 points up to a half of a carat.
We use Fancy shape diamonds like baguettes, trapezoids and tapers, and incorporate them in traditional motifs -round, drop, heart, oval and marquise shapes – as well as in more unusual shapes such as flowers and interesting geometrical shapes, all with invisible settings.